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About Us




About Us

Welcome to the Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc website!   The society is a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation with the aims as stated in our  Objectives  web page. Further information is also available in the pamphlet available for download.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc was established in 1962 having previously been a branch of the Australian Vegetarian Society.

VegSA acts as a support group for those wishing to follow a vegetarian or vegan life style and as a source of information on vegetarian and vegan related issues especially in respect to the local environment.

VegSA is a member of the International Vegetarian Union and the Conservation Council of SA and also works co-operatively with other organisations that seek to promote animal rights and a healthy, humane life style e.g. Animal Liberation (SA), Antivivisection Union(SA), Natural Health Society (SA) and vegetarian and vegan societies in Australia and elsewhere.  See our  LINKS  Page.

VegSA organises social and informational sessions for its own members and members of the public (see our Diary Dates).  It distributes the "True Natural Health" magazine to its members and its quarterly newsletter  "Food for Thought"  to members and other organisations.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc promotes the most powerful step that we can take as individuals to avert global warming – Don't eat meat, eggs and dairy products.


Food For Life event starts 3 May 2016

Food for Life 2 May 2016  



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